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  • The unique offer of our driving school! We'll come to you!
  • Long time no drive? We'll get you back into traffic!
  • Both automatic and manual gear boxes, VIP services.
  • Driving lessons possible also in your car! For holders of a driving license.
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Driving school of Prague - WHY CHOOSE US?

  • Our prices are final without any hidden fees.
  • Textbooks and training CDs are free of charge.
  • B group teaching and training also for automatic cars.
  • Teachers with professional approach and excellent English.
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Driving school of Prague - WHY CHOOSE US?

Do you have no time to attend our driving school?

  • We´ll come for you!
  • VIP service of driving school KING
  • You choose place and time yourself.
  • Driving course and refreshment lessons
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Do you have no time to attend our driving school?

Automatic driving school

  • Are you afraid of driving manual car?
  • We'll get you back on the road!
  • We specialize also in automatic car driving
  • Refreshing driving lessons
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Automatic driving school

1,000,000 watch our instructional videos!

  • We use instructional videos for you that will help.
  • Council: How to park, To transport children in the car, Resolve car accident.etc
  • Follow us and thank you!
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1,000,000 watch our instructional videos!

6.000 fans on FcB!

  • We are the largest driving school on the social network.
  • Council, competitions, information, videos each day.
  • Enter the driving school with the largest number of fans.
  • Thank you for sharing us and inspire us and others :-)
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6.000 fans on FcB!

eLearning portal

  • Online study material
  • Instructional videos
  • Final examination info
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eLearning portal

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INFOLINE: +420 777 180 708
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Driving school news

Electronic highway sign is coming!

From January 1, 2021, a revolutionary change awaits car drivers on Czech toll motorway sections! The era of gluing paper highway coupons is coming to an end. These will be replaced by a new electronic motorway toll. You can buy it online, in a network of points of sale or through self-service kiosks.

The validity of driving licenses is extended until 31.3.2021

The Ministry of Transport has agreed with the Ministry of the Interior on the tolerance of invalid driving licenses in an emergency situation in the Czech Republic. People with a forfeited ID can continue to drive, the document is considered valid and there is no risk of any fines. In addition, the Ministry is proposing to extend the validity of driving licenses until 31 March 2021.

You can't drive a 125 cc scooter everywhere with sk. B.

It is not the same in the EU as in our country! For example, in Slovakia the condition of holding a driver's license is at least 2 years, in Poland or Spain 3 years and for example in Italy, France or Austria a few hours of additional training is required (moreover, intended exclusively for local citizens or long-term foreigners)

Forfeited driving license, professional license and MOT are valid for another 7 months

The EU has issued Regulation No. 2020/698, which lays down special and temporary measures with regard to Covid19, when a tolerance period of seven months applies in the Czech Republic to documents and MOTs expired between 1 February and 31 August. This is a Europe-wide regulation. The extension does not apply to the driver card for the tachograph.

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Wrote about us

E-learning saves time, and provides quality and flexibility for drivers and companies

An interview with Pavel Greiner, chief executive and owner of Autoškola KING (KING Driving School) and the KING e-Learning portal

Bc. Pavel Greiner - Professional in teaching drivers

Pavel Greiner is the owner, director, and also a driving instructor at KING Driving school, which has been operating on the market since 2007...


Why to choose Driving school King?

At International KING driving school in the Prague 4 district we will teach you not only how to drive a car, lorry, bus, motorbike or truck with a trailer really well. We will make your preparation for your driving test more pleasant with our patient instructors, top class study materials and tests, outstanding service and an individual approach. If you learn here you will think back to your times learning to drive fondly.

  • We teach theory and practical driving lessons for all groups of driver's licences.
  • We are also an accredited training centre, where we prepare future driving school teachers, we train professional drivers and driving examiners.
  • We also offer online training and re-qualification.
  • The price of a driving school course is always final. You won't get any nasty, surprise additional charges.
  • The price includes textbooks and an educational CD with tests.
  • You can also pay in vouchers (Flexi Pass etc.), again with no extra charges.
  • We give student discounts and quantity discounts, as well as discounts for parents on maternity leave.
  • We are diligent in giving practical lessons and teaching theory lessons. Unlike others, we also teach a first aid course and we go over all aspects of operating an automobile, such as maintenance and correct parking.
  • We also prepare instructional videos to help the wider public improve their driving skills. Follow us on Facebook, where you can find lots of other tips too.
  • We too are constantly improving so that we always tell our pupils the most recent rules and observations.
  • We are a driving school with a human touch. We don't shout at our students, and our instructors are true professionals.
  • You can choose a female instructor if that's what you'd prefer.
  • We also teach driving an automatic.
  • We teach in English and Russian so that foreigners can learn to drive with us as well.
  • We offer VIP courses and driving lessons, for which you can determine a time and place yourself where you want to begin and end the driving lesson.
  • You've already got a driver's licence but you want to improve or refresh your skills? At King Driving School you're at the right place for the most effective practical skill improvement lessons.
  • We don't force package lessons on you, instead based on your first drive we will assess what needs to be practised the most (what manoeuvres, driving in an urban area / specific routes) and how many drives will be optimal.
  • Once you feel confident behind the wheel, you can complete the course at any time. We will do only what you want us to.
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